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Mandeep Singh, MD - Dr. Mandeep Singh is an early-career clinician-scientist, uniquely dual-certified in Sleep Medicine and Anesthesiology, having completed the training from University of Toronto (UT) and practices in both the disciplines. He also completed a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Sciences Research from the Institute of Health and Policy Management and Evaluation, UT. He is Director of the Inaugural Sleep, Anesthesiology and Pain medicine (SleAP) program at Women's College Hospital, and University Health Network, UT.

He is the recipient of prestigious Canadian Anesthesiologists Society Career Scientists Award, Merit Award program at University of Toronto, and recently the 2020 SASM Presidential Scholar Award. His current translational research interests include evaluating perioperative outcomes in patients with sleep health disruption, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), chronic insomnia and disorders of daytime Hypersomnolence such as narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia. Current projects include the impact of optimal sleep health on quality of life and wellness amongst health care workers, perioperative and chronic pain population; evaluation of health technology such as Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) and other tools to measure objective sleep-health data in patients with various sleep disorders in these settings.


Christine Won, MD, MSc is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University and the Medical Director of the Yale Sleep Center. She is the Associate Program Director of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship program. She is Chair of the Sleep-disordered breathing section of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and member of the national VA Sleep Network.

Project/Committee Member Information
Dr Mandeep Singh, MD
University of Toronto
Christine Won
Yale University
Marietta Bibbs
BayCare Health System/MPM Healthcare
Anthony Doufas
Stanford University
Dr. Girish Joshi, MBBS, MD, FFARCSI
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Roop Kaw
Cleveland Clinic
Stavros Memtsoudis
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)
Babak Mokhlesi
Rush University Medical Center
Richard E. Moon
Duke University Medical Center
Krish Ramachandran
Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine
Dr. Christine Won
Yale University