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Narcolepsy Perioperative Task Force:

Dennis Auckley, MD is a professor at Case Western Reserve University and Medical Director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center. His research interests include postoperative management of patients with OSA and the evaluation and management of OSA in hospitalized patients. Dr. Auckley is currently on the Board of Directors (Secretary) of the Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine (SASM), where he also co-chairs the Clinical Commitee and is a member of SASM's Membership Committee and Narcolepsy Perioperative Task Force.


Shelley Hershner, MD

Project/Committee Member Information
Dennis Auckley
MetroHealth Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University
Shelley Hershner
University of Michigan
Peter Gay
Mayo Clinic
Krish Ramachandran
Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine
Dr Mandeep Singh, MD
University of Toronto
Dr. Weingarten Toby, M.D.
Mayo Medical Center